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George W. Bush Dances Like Nobody’s Watching

When you know you’ll never be tried at The Hague. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Although former president George W. Bush managed to be both incredibly dumb and incredibly destructive (get you a world leader who can do both), he’s been getting a remarkable image rehab since Trump came along. He’s even reportedly been telling friends that 45 makes him “look pretty good” and — if this video of him dancing at nephew Pierce Bush’s wedding to Sarahbeth Melton in Colorado Springs last weekend is any indication — he’s feeling pretty good too.

In the clip, W. can be seen cutting loose to “You Spin Me Round” and, as TMZ points out, even tries to get a conga line started near the end:

It’s just like the saying goes: sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like you didn’t start the most unnecessary and catastrophic war of the century.

George W. Bush Dances Like Nobody’s Watching