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Ivanka Trump’s Very Serious Science Photo Op Involved Vape Juice

Photo: @IvankaTrump/Instagram

Ivanka Trump may not have any qualifications that make her fit to serve in a presidential administration, but goddamn if she’s going to let that stand in the way between her and a photo op. Her latest? A picture of her in a lab coat and glasses concentrating very, very hard at doing science.

It’s even better when you realize what she’s actually doing: according to Business Insider, she was measuring the nicotine levels in vape juice. It was part of a number of experiments she conducted during a visit to an innovation-and-learning center in Iowa for her father’s second annual Infrastructure Week.

No matter where you stand politically, I think that we, as a nation, can agree that we would totally watch an Ivanka Trump vape-tricks channel.

Ivanka Trump’s Science Photo Op Involved Vape Juice