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What’s Your Justin Bieber Girlfriend Name?

Baskin, Justin, and Bronte. Photo: REX/Shutterstock (Bieber), baskinchamp/Instagram, bronteblampied_/Instagram

Justin Bieber looks for three things in a woman: 1) a modeling career, 2) a unique name, and 3) I said it before but it bears repeating, they really should be a model. Since his split from girlfriend Selena Gomez, the musician and crop-top aficionado has been spotted with the distinctively named Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and former Miss Alabama Teen USA (2014) Baskin Champion. Previously, he was linked to Bronte Blampied, another blonde model with a cool name.

Most of us, unfortunately, will probably never meet Justin Bieber, let alone have him put his arm around our waist at a Craig David concert, as he’s rumored to have done with Baskin. Most of us also have pretty boring names like Annie and Sarah and Dave. But we can always dream.

Use the Cut’s handy generator (your star sign + your favorite J.Biebs tattoo) below to find out what your Justin Bieber girlfriend name would be!

First name: your star sign

1. Aries - Barnaby
2. Taurus - Halo
3. Gemini - Elvira
4. Cancer - The number “6”
5. Leo - Khymm
6. Virgo - Spanky
7. Libra - Benevolence
8. Scorpio - Infinity
9. Sagittarius - Asdfghjkl
10. Capricorn - Kismet
11. Aquarius - Oat Milk
12. Pisces - *That sound where you shift on a leather chair and it sounds like a fart so everyone looks at you and you’re like “It’s the chair!” but when you move again it’s silent*

Last name: your favorite Bieber Tattoo (For reference, see full list here)

1. Tiny cross (next to his eye) - Comfort
2. Angel wings (back of his neck) - Von Lichtenstein
3. “Purpose” (over his bellybutton) - Lewstin-Sinclair
4. “Better at 70” (thigh)- Hospitality
5. Banksy’s Balloon Girl (arm) - Big Winner
6. “Patience” (side of his neck) - Patience
7. Jesus (left calf) - Xavier
8. Jester (forearm) - Fauntleroy
9. “Son of God”(the top of his abs) - Tapioca
10. Lion (chest) - Blomqvist
11. Selena Gomez as an angel (forearm) - Cumberbatch
12. Koi fish (right forearm) - Appropriation

Infinity Hospitality

What’s Your Justin Bieber Girlfriend Name?