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3 Minutes and 10 Seconds of Oprah Being Very Serious About Bathing

Oprah doesn’t have hobbies like we have hobbies. Oprah’s hobby is taking long luxurious baths in her custom built bathtub. A conversation with James Corden about what Oprah gifts Stedman (she says he didn’t appreciate a thoughtful gift once, so now she just makes him cornbread) turned into a foray into what gifts Oprah likes to receive. Oprah isn’t hard to buy for, according to Oprah, because she likes anything she can use in the bath. “I do have a hand-carved tub,” she admitted, “out of marble and onyx.” Oprah says you can get a couple people in the tub but! It was carved to her curves: “Bathing — I’m serious about it!” Live your best moisturized life!

But the other Wrinkle in Time ladies were not to be outdone when the trio appeared on Corden’s show. After Oprah — the greatest character actress of our time — did her best Reese Witherspoon impression, Reese gave a deep-voiced, wise Oprah impression before launching into a high-pitched, fast-talking Mindy Kaling impression. Note that these clips are best enjoyed while soaking in a bubble-filled marble tub.

Oprah Has a Hand-Carved Tub Made From a Mold of Her Body