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This New Product Will Make Your Hair Look Like Kim Kardashian West’s

The woman behind your favorite celebrities’ perfectly tousled beach waves is at it again with a new texturizing hair product. This time, the Kardashians’ favorite stylist, Jen Atkin, made a Dry Texture Foam. Atkin, who is known for her tongue-in-cheek approach to advertising, is hoping people are down with her new “DTF” product.

The Dry Texture Foam sounds like an oxymoron — how can a foam be dry? — but it works on both wet and dry hair without adding unwanted moisture to the mix. To help create imperfectly tousled waves, Atkin formulated the foam with rice protein, which gives hair volume and hold but helps retain movement. Atkin suggests massaging the foam into hair, going from the ends toward the scalp, for an intentionally piecey and messy look that can be reworked later if needed. If you’ve been trying to figure out what secrets the best messy buns and the most tousled waves hold, this is it.

The rice protein also protects hair from damage and solar radiation. The weightless foam can be paired with the Matte Pomade to add more hold, and it can be used with the Texturizing Hair Spray, which adds volume and texture to the roots.

As with her other products, Atkin made sure this one smells almost perfume-like. There’s no need to purchase an extra hair mist, because this one won’t make your hair smell like chemicals — it smells like lily, bergamot, Italian lemon, and rose.

The Dry Texture Foam is available now on Ouai’s website.

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Jen Atkin’s New Product Makes Beachy Waves a Breeze