Chill Guy Owen Wilson Reportedly Caused Highly Unchill Hotel Evacuation

Owen Wilson. Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Owen Wilson, the sentient version of someone casually saying the word “brewski,” has built a successful acting career out of portraying chill guys and emphatically stating “wow.” But, as “Page Six” reports, he recently committed the foulest of party fouls: getting a whole hotel evacuated because he smoked a cigarette indoors.

While other guests at the Hotel Croydon in Miami were seen on video “shuffling downstairs in their pajamas,” Wilson was reportedly acting exactly how you’d imagine him to act:

Video footage of the incident shows Wilson’s date dancing with him as the alarm goes off.

They then casually slip out and into the night as Wilson ditches his drink on a patio and the woman puffs away.

To this, I can only offer a weary, resigned “wow.”

Chill Owen Wilson Reportedly Caused Unchill Hotel Evacuation