Rudy Giuliani Tries to Use Apple AirPods, Fails

Rudy Giuliani.
Rudy Giuliani. Photo: John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Here’s the thing: technology is rapidly advancing, and sometimes, figuring out how to use the newest model of an iPad or a Keurig or one of those weird electronic wine-bottle openers can be frustratingly difficult. We’ve all been there!

That being said, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani’s attempt at using Apple AirPods headphones, as captured by politics reporter Joe Perticone, is comically wrong. Not quite as bad as when he “forgot” 9/11, but still pretty bad.

Either Republican political strategist Rick Wilson (the man in the photo with Giuliani) also doesn’t know how to use AirPods, or he was just being one of those cruel friends who doesn’t tell you when you have kale wedged in your teeth or when your jacket buttons are off.

Rudy Giuliani Tries to Use Apple AirPods, Fails