out of the box

Spring Back

Once again, photographer and artist Erik Madigan Heck offers a fresh perspective on the standard fashion shoot by putting the backs of spring 2018 pieces on display. In turning models around and obscuring their faces, Heck prompts us to refocus our attention on the color, form, and texture of each garment.

And this season had color, form, and texture to spare. Under Heck’s lens, the ornate embroidery of Louis Vuitton comes into focus, the graphic prints of Junya Watanabe read as standalone works of art, and the bold reds of Stella McCartney are rendered deep enough to dive into. The most satisfying images, however, are arguably those that bring to life the floral motifs of Simone Rocha and Marc Jacobs. After a long, dark winter, they remind us what we have to look forward to.

Spring Fashion As Seen From Behind