Younger Made Up a Book Pitch Good Enough to Get Published in Real Life

Photo: TVLand

Younger’s fun-house mirror version of the publishing industry is bleeding over into our world — which means soon we’ll all start believing Sutton Foster is in her 20s, too. Per EW, Simon & Schuster is publishing actual copies of the show’s fictional novel Marriage Vacation, a dishy, thinly veiled tell-all written by Jennifer Westfeldt’s character Pauline about her ex-husband Charles (Peter Hermann). The real-life version of the book, out in June, is supposed to “serve as a standalone novel as it tells the story of a woman who leaves her marriage to go on a journey of self-discovery” — though of course it will also include the steamy sex scene on page 58 all the characters on the show keep talking about. Someone please publish the show’s Crown of Kings books next.

Younger’s Fake Book Is Getting Published in Real Life