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7 Top-Reviewed, Under-$50 Wedding Registry Items on Amazon (and Their Splurgy Alternatives)

Deciding what items should fill your registry can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of the most tried-and-true wedding registry items under $50 (as well as their pricier upgrades) to help guide you through the maze of options.

Mixing Bowls: The Standby

Finedine set of six stainless-steel bowls
$27 at Amazon

“The variety of sizes is great for marinating larger cuts of meat and mixing sauce.” (4.6 stars, 2,279 reviews)

Mixing Bowls: The Splurge

Barn Light Electric set of five nesting prep bowls
$450 at Food52

Made from solid hand-spun copper, which is (still) the metal of the moment.

Bath Towels: The Standby

Pinzon set of six blended-Egyptian-cotton towels
$22 at Amazon

“They are so soft and absorbent!” (4.2 stars, 6,683 reviews)

Bath Towels: The Splurge

Hay Compose bath towel
$36 at Amara

Because someone is probably already giving you a set of Hay color-blocked hexagonal serving trays.

Tools: The Standby

Black & Decker 20-volt-max lithium-ion drill kit
$49 at Amazon

“It’s light, the battery holds the charge a long time, and the torque is awesome.” (4.4 stars, 929 reviews)

Tools: The Splurge

Set of seven screwdrivers
$66 at Wilde Tool

For the less heavy-duty repairs: a wood-handle-screwdriver set from American manufacturer Wilde Tool.

Salt and Pepper Grinders: The Standby

Levav set of stainless-steel salt and pepper grinders
$14 at Amazon

“You can adjust the salt shaker to a fine grind that is almost powder, which is great for popcorn.” (4.5 stars, 3,291 reviews)

Salt and Pepper Grinders: The Splurge

Set of two bottle grinders
$75 at Menu

Designed by Norm Architects with an inverted shape, so the salt and pepper particles don’t spray onto the counter.

Hand Vacuum: The Standby

Black & Decker 16-volt cordless lithium hand vacuum
$58 at Amazon

“If it is possible to love your Dustbuster, well … The dust bowl empties easily and is a snap to clean.” (4.2 stars, 13,952 reviews)

Hand Vacuum: The Splurge

Vileda Windowmatic
$56 at

This Red Dot Award-winning “vacuum” from Germany is actually a window cleaner that sucks up dirt and condensation for a streak-free shine.

Bakeware Set: The Standby

Rachael Ray set of five nonstick baking pans
$38 at Amazon

“My roasted potatoes slide right off, as do my sausage pinwheels … Baked my favorite caramel dessert, and it didn’t stick either.” (4.6 stars, 1,225 reviews)

Bakeware Set: The Splurge

Falcon set of five baking pans
$103 at Falcon

The enamel may not clean as easily as Rachael Ray’s bakeware, but it’s scorchproof and dishwasher-safe—and the set is pretty enough to use as serving pieces.

Party Game: The Standby

Cards Against Humanity
$25 at Amazon

“My wife and I play it on a regular basis with our 40-something friends and every time laugh until we cry.” (4.8 stars, 37,609 reviews)

Party Game: The Splurge

Sagrada board game
$40 at Floodgate Games

This new Kickstarter-backed game turns players into artisans tasked with constructing the perfect stained-glass window in Barcelona’s Sagrada Família.

*This article appears in the summer 2018 issue of New York Weddings.

7 Top-Reviewed, Under-$50 Wedding Registry Items on Amazon