Child Steals Parents’ Credit Card, Takes Himself on Bali Vacation After Fight

A beach in Bali.
Photo: Afriandi/Getty Images

A 12-year-old boy in Sydney, Australia, pulled a reverse–Home Alone of sorts and took himself on a solo vacation without informing the rest of his family.

The Guardian reports that the boy stole his parents’ credit card after fighting with them, “tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport,” and then booked a vacation to Bali, Indonesia. He then told his family he was heading off to school but instead “rode his razor scooter to his local train station,” then made his way to the airport. Two flights later, he landed in the island paradise and checked into the All Seasons resort.

His mother, Emma — who had to fly to Bali to pick him up when she realized what had happened — told press that the boy doesn’t like hearing people tell him “no.” Good thing he went to precisely the right place to do some serious soul-searching.

Child Steals Parents’ Credit Card, Flies to Bali After Fight