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Manly World Leaders Pile Dirt on Tree Sapling Together

After arriving in the U.S. for an official state visit, centrist French president and Rihanna fan Emmanuel Macron gifted his “special” friend, Donald Trump, a delicate baby oak tree. After the exchange was made, there was obviously only one thing to do: plant it.

So, the big boys and their wives took a quick jaunt to the South Lawn of the White House, where the world leaders pushed dirt over the sapling that appears to have already been planted by someone else. Brigitte Macron, who was très French in custom Louis Vuitton, angled her body away from the man who once called her “beautiful” (who’s not her husband) and her former high-school student (who is). Melania Trump, who was exhausted from pointing at thing earlier in the day, struck an incredibly unnatural pose. And Trump and Macron, wielding long shovels, bent over with hunched backs and pushed around dirt.

Glad to see everyone’s already having so much fun on day one of the visit!

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump Pile Dirt on Baby Tree