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Once Again, Donald Trump Awkwardly Tries to Hold His Wife’s Hand

Donald and Melania Trump never fail to exhibit their deep and everlasting bond for each other when in public — like that time she swatted his hand away during a foreign visit, or that time he tried to hold her hand and ended up grabbing her coat sleeve instead. Their latest display of intimacy comes during a White House event for French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte (who I am legally obligated to remind you used to be his high-school teacher).

Cameras caught the president trying to reach for the First Lady’s hand, but meeting resistance. However, through a series of persistent pinkie wiggles — I know, I’m sorry, but that’s what they are! — he eventually manages to latch on. Here’s video, which will make you feel similarly to the way you do when you hear the word “moist” whispered out loud:

Perhaps Melania’s hand was just tired from all the pointing she did ahead of the official state visit? Either way, there’s one person Trump can count on to always hold his hand.

Once Again, Donald Trump Awkwardly Tries to Hold Wife’s Hand