President Grumpy Pants Uses Food and TV to Make Himself Feel Better

Donald Trump. Photo: Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

It’s not often that I read a story about Donald Trump — the multi-millionaire president of the United States, alleged sexual harasser, and onetime Sharper Image steak-pusher — and think “Ah, yes. This is relatable.” But when I read the New York Times story about how poorly the president has been handling the FBI’s raid on the home and offices of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, I thought, “Ah, yes. This is relatable.”

According to the Times, the president had already been in a bad mood for some time when the FBI raided Cohen’s office at 30 Rock on Monday. That weekend, the Grouchy boy-in-chief was reportedly bent out of shape about a Fox News report about the country’s “deep state” — a cabal of power players that secretly controls the government. He reportedly consoled himself, as we all do when we’re frustrated, by isolating himself, eating a lot, and watching hours of TV.

Granted, the food wasn’t pad thai from Seamless, it was (presumably overcooked steaks) from his Trump International Hotel, and the TV wasn’t old episodes of Gilmore Girls, it was Fox News, but otherwise, this is an extremely relatable reaction.

Since Monday’s raid, sources say the president has been “bitching and moaning” and “losing his shit.” It is unclear if the food and TV have helped at all. Maybe he has something hidden in that lumpy coat of his that will make him feel better.

Grumpy President Uses Food, TV to Make Himself Feel Better