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Everyone and Everything Kanye West Has Mentioned Since Reactivating His Twitter

Trump and Kanye. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On April 13, 2018, Kanye West ended his Twitter hiatus and rejoined the social-media platform, accompanied by a warm welcome from Twitter’s founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey.

At first, Yeezy stuck with inspirational quotes that sounded like they were pulled from fortune cookies or a stoner college kid, like “get past the past” and “strive for universal consciousness not segregated consciousness.” Since then, he’s somewhat … expanded his range. This week, West started tweeting about “natural born leaders” and “dragon energy,” Donald Trump, Cardi B, Peter Thiel, and more. Here, in order, is a complete list of everything he’s mentioned so far.

-Lamar Odom
-The “existing consciousness”
-Louise Wilson
-Gosha Rubchinskiy
-Contractual situations
-Playing chess with life
-His book
-Anthony Schiller
-Lauryn Hill
-An upcoming album, with Kid Cudi
-Teyana Taylor
-Pusha T
-Yeezy slides
-Waterproof silk
-A new Yeezy office in Wyoming
-Candace Owens
-Haruki Murakami
-George Condo
-Elena Filipovic
-David Hammons
-Joseph Beuys
-Elon Musk, and his well-made Tesla’s
-Scott Adams
-Donald Glover
-Rick James
-“Dragon Energy”
-Kim Kardashian
-Michael Jackson
-The 160 positions that Yeezy will be hiring for the brand’s world domination
-Michael Jordan
-Fake news
-“Ford Hughes Jobs Disney”
-Harvey Levin
-People magazine
-Charlamagne tha God
-Lady Bugs
-The Sunken Place
-Bart Simpson
-Donald Trump
-Hillary Clinton
-Ping pong!
-Larry from Google
-Peter Thiel
-A signed MAGA hat
-A Nicki Minaj–Cardi B tour
-Tim Cook
-Hype Williams
-Olivier Nusse
-David Joseph
-Scooter Braun

After looking at the list of what he’s tweeted about in the past ten days, can you imagine what North’s bedtime stories are like?

Everything and Everyone Kanye West Has Mentioned on Twitter