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Flying Wedding Veils Are Exactly What They Sound Like

flying wedding veil
A wedding veil in transit. Photo: Patti McConville/Getty Images

Even if you already think weddings have gotten extra extra lately — such as those incorporating unruly owls — nothing can prepare you for the spectacle that is a flying wedding veil.

What is a flying wedding veil? Based on a supercut of videos that first went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo in January, a flying wedding veil is a regular ol’ veil attached to a ceiling conveyor belt via a set of runners. The process of deployment begins with the bride standing patiently at the end of a raised aisle. Then, like William Tell’s arrow toward the apple on his son’s head, the veil flies across the room to settle gracefully on the bride’s crown.

The video was later picked up by Shanghaiist and then crossed into the Western viral internet, where commenters have compared the spectacle to Harry Potter’s Dementors, ghosts, and various Disney #goals.

Flying Wedding Veils Are Exactly What They Sound Like