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This New Magazine Makes Every Day 4/20

Photo: Pete Deevakul/Gossamer Magazine

There’s a new green magazine in town, and it’s not about recycling. Introducing Gossamer, covering travel, design, art, culture, and food through the eyes of people who enjoy smoking pot. Whether you’re just an occasional social puffer or a professional pot grower, Gossamer has content tailored to your taste — including literal tastes: the “Swell-O” Guide at the back lists the best restaurants to visit in cities like New York, Milan, Paris, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

But the lifestyle publication isn’t just for those with a cannabis affinity. Even the weed-averse will find amusement in the collection of feature spreads, in-depth profiles, photo essays, fashion shoots, thematic artwork, and funny tips (like “How to do Tinder while stoned”).

Gossamer co-founders Verena von Pfetten and David Weiner used to be colleagues at the Huffington Post, and came up with the idea two years ago, at the height of the push for cannabis legalization across the country. They wanted to read stories about pot, but didn’t want to be pigeonholed as stoners.

“Cannabis is a part of our lives, but we don’t define ourselves by that fact, and we had a hunch there were a lot of other people out there who felt the same way,” she said.

Von Pfetten also liked the idea of creating pot-based editorial on the East Coast as a way to create a bridge to the weed community’s  long-established home bases of California, Oregon, and Colorado.

The magazine’s site updates throughout the week and can be found at It offers a newsletter as well as an annual subscription to the print issue, which will come out twice a year. Volume I, released today, is now available to order online for $20, and features the work of 30 contributors, including writer and editor Alexandra Ilyashov, scriptwriter, actor and producer Brett Gelman, and fashion photographer Meredith Jenks.

See images featured in the print issue below.

Illustration: Brian Okarski and Colin Smight of New York Design Office
Photo: Styled and Photographed by Doan Ly/Gossamer Magazine
Photo: Joyce Kim/Gossamer Magazine
Photo: Isabel Lasala
Photo: Chris Maggio/Gossamer Magazine
This New Magazine Makes Every Day 4/20