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All The Times Janelle Monáe Stunned in Dirty Computer

Janelle Monae in Dirty Computer
Janelle Monáe in Dirty Computer.

Who needs to browse Instagram for makeup inspiration these days when Janelle Monáe is around? Dirty Computer, the visual album she released today, is proof that Monáe stands on her own — in style, in beauty, and in remarkable originality. Her new video is 48-minutes long and features over 20 different looks worn across a dozen locations. Here are all the times Monáe looked absolutely spectacular:

The time she wore Bantu knots, braids, hair jewelry, and rainbow eye shadow at the same time:

The time she accessorized with a braid bracelet:

… which was right before the time she threw on a space helmet:

The time she switched things up with a bob and gray eye shadow:

Who could forget the time she constructed a double braid with a bracelet?

Or the time she was like, “Well, actually, I prefer red”?

Here’s the time Janelle’s lipstick inspired a moment of self-reflection:

Moving along, there was the time she encountered a couple of stars:

And the time she looked pretty in pink (lipstick):

There was the time when her hair was having a ball (or two, or six):

The time she wore two magnificent buns:

The time she had that good-sex hair:

… which is not to be confused with the time she had an old-school bouffant:

The time show she put on a newsboy cap and kept it sexy:

There was the time when she was a blonde …

… with polka-dot lips and bionic nails:

The time she was a glamorous medieval knight with glossy eyelids:

The time she meditated in ombre braids and jeweled eyeliner:

The time she wore pigtails from the future:

And the time she relaxed in an updo made of curls:

After a while there was a time when she toyed with no-makeup makeup for fun …

… which was shortly before the time she went to the beach wearing tousled waves:

And finally, there was the time when she tucked her hair under the world’s most stylish hairnet … and walked away:

All the Times Janelle Monáe Stunned in Dirty Computer