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Longchamp’s New Flagship, Depop Goes Brick-and-Mortar, and Goat Yoga in Bushwick

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

First Look
This summer, London-based clothing-resale app Depop will open a shop in Nolita catering to both its buyers and its sellers (168 Mott St.).

Illustration: Jason Lee

1. Clothes: Racks stocked with brands like Patagonia and Supreme will occasionally be used for themed takeovers like “all-white-denim pieces.”

2. Photo studio: A well-lit, by-appointment-only studio where staffers will help Depop users photograph their clothes to sell on the app.

3. Rare finds: A mesh wall hung with obscure pieces like old Thrasher issues ($40) and vintage Fila snowsuits ($100).

4. Lounge: For Lunch n’ Lists, when Depop users come to steam and style clothing to sell on the app, plus eat Depop-provided pizza.

2x2: Ropy Doormats
For muddy spring feet.

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

Ombré: Recycled Lobster Rope doormat, $69 at
Non-Ombré: Wynn Neon corded rug, $25 at

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

Ombré: Hermosa Sunset outdoor rug, $395 at
Non-Ombré: Recycled Lobster Rope runner, $60 at

Ask a Shop Clerk
In early February, Liz Carlson opened Common Point, a modishly designed acupuncture clinic (3 Jay St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors/© Ryan Liebe - 2018
Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors/© Ryan Liebe - 2018

What makes your practice different?
“We wanted to make acupuncture more accessible. Our office is minimalist, clean — plants and cool furniture. Our sessions are reasonably priced ($130; tune-ups are $65), and instead of saying ‘You have a spleen chi issue,’ we’ll explain your digestion in layman’s terms. Or not at all. We want to make acupuncture a comfortable option for, say, all the guys from Goldman Sachs saying, ‘I’m in pain all day. But I don’t want you to ask about my poop.’ ”

Moving In
On May 3, Longchamp will open a new flagship. U.S. CEO Stephanie Disegni gave us the lay of the land (645 Fifth Ave.).

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

“We have a prime spot flanked by Cartier and Versace. The store is huge, and it was a complete demolition: We knocked through the floor to build a floating staircase, and designed a bar in the basement where you can get Le Pliage bags (from $125) embossed. The façade was tough: It was built in Germany and installed in pieces. As I said to our U.S. Longchamp employees, ‘This is the biggest project we’ve ever worked on.’ ”

He Said, She Said
Through mid-June, Sharon and Aldo Boustani will bring goat yoga to Bushwick (74 Ingraham St.).

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

Sharon: We moved upstate from Queens a couple of years ago and acquired dwarf goats soon after we got the farm. We thought bringing them into our yoga classes ($40) would be a very natural way for people to get to interact with them.

Aldo: The goats are natural climbers and love to get up on people’s backs. So we do a lot of planks and child’s poses.

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

Sharon: Each class will have four goats. And at the end of class, instead of shavasana, we leave 15 minutes for people to play and cuddle the goats. A lot of people use that time for goat selfies.

Top Five
Through June 15, Katherine Tsina Bird, founder of the Los Angeles–based retail collective Avion Clothier, will be selling boatneck T-shirts and asymmetrical sandals in the lobby of the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg).

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

“This is our take on the sailor pant ($395). They are uniform, wear-every-day pants, but with secret hand-done stitching around the pocket.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors/JUELL PHOTOGRAPHY 2018

“I love these Feit sandals ($300) — the black is on the front of one and the back of the other, so each shoe is slightly different from its mate.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

“We call this the ‘striped Jean shirt’ ($128), after Jean Seberg. It’s Japanese cotton. I’m stripe-obsessed, and I think it’s the perfect striped tee.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors

“This hat ($188) is made by a brand called Lola. It’s raffia, with a pretty grosgrain ribbon. It has a classic wide brim and is extremely photogenic.”

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendors/JUELL PHOTOGRAPHY 2018

“Eshelman Pottery, an Illinois husband-wife duo, sculpted this vase ($145). Their stuff usually has exposed terra-cotta, but this one’s double-glazed.”

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Longchamp’s Flagship, a Depop Store, and Bushwick Goat Yoga