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Load Up on Hors D’oeuvre

Because when you’re sated with appetizers (pastrami tacos, creamed-spinach pots), you’re free to dance through the main course.

Tacos & Latkes

L: Pastrami tacos with sauerkraut and half-sour pickles.
R: Sweet-potato latkes with sour cream and apple chutney.

Catered by The Raging Skillet,

Ravioli and Risotto

L: Truffled lobster ravioli with smoked-lobster medallions.
R: Eggplant-parmigiana risotto barley-Parmesan risotto with tomato-basil beurre blanc, heirloom-tomato-and-burrata caprese, and crispy variegated eggplant.

Catered by Abigail Kirsch,

Pizza and Filone Toast

L: Grilled flatbread pizza with mozzarella, herbs, and cherry tomatoes.
R: Grilled filone toast with peach-and-basil salad.

Catered by Atelier Roquette,

Strip Steak & Plantains

L: Baby strip steak with chile-hazelnut oil.
R: Fried plantains with cotija cheese, pickled onions, mild house-made hot sauce, and parsley.

Catered by Lalito,

Carpetbaggers and Macarons

L: Bacon-wrapped filet of beef carpetbaggers, topped with a fried oyster.
R: Foi-gras macarons with elderflower gelée, fig compote, and gold dust.

Catered by Bartleby & Sage,

Bao Buns & Doughnuts

L: Foie-gras bao buns with a pork-skin crackle.
R: Brioche doughnuts with salted-duck-egg custard, yuzu glaze, and gold leaf.

Catered by Bonbite,

Crostini & Shrimp Cocktail

L: Filet-mignon crostini with Schmitt’s Farm horseradish sauce.
R: Jumbo-shrimp cocktail with homemade North Fork cocktail sauce.

Catered by The Vineyards at Aquebogue,

Zucchini Cakes and Creamed-Spinach

L: Zucchini cakes with scallops and truffled edamame purée.
R: Creamed-spinach pots with truffle oil and a poached quail egg.

Catered by Fancy Girl Table,

*This article appears in the summer 2018 issue of New York Weddings.

Wedding Hors D’oeuvre That Are As Good As the Main Course