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You Won’t Believe How Versatile Selena Gomez’s New Haircut Is

Photo: selenagomez/Instagram

The tardigrade is an eight-legged micro-animal, just one millimeter long in adulthood, with a tubular mouth and an adorable nickname: “water bear.” They’ve been found under ice on a mountain in the Himalayas, at the bottom of the ocean, and in boiling hot springs; they’ve traveled to space and, under extreme space conditions, reproduced. They’ve come back from the dead after being frozen for 30 years. Some say they are the most versatile animal. But are they more versatile than Selena Gomez’s new haircut?

The 25-year-old debuted her new look Monday on Instagram. It is cool, in my opinion. According to “Page Six,” she received the buzzed undercut from L.A. hairstylist Tim Dueñas. Of its sneakiness, Dueñas told “Page Six,” “With those low corners, you can’t even tell [the undercut] is there.”

Of its versatility, Dueñas said, “It leaves her with a lot more versatility in how to wear her hair; she can wear it down, she can do a ponytail. You kind of have to think about all the options for her!”

Oh my gosh.

I don’t want to overwhelm you after already overwhelming you with information about the tardigrade, but — you have to think about all the options for her. Down, a ponytail. But can the haircut reproduce in space?


The tardigrade wins, for now.

On the Wild Versatility of Selena Gomez’s New Haircut