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Ouai’s Newest Product Is a Blessing for Curly Hair

As all curly-haired people know, curly hair is high maintenance. But the most essential part of getting perfect ringlets is air-drying and diffusing, which makes Ouai’s new Air Dry Foam your hair’s new best friend.

Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin created the foaming product specifically for wavy to curly hair. The idea is to prep hair so it’s ready to bounce out the door when you are. Keratin in the formula helps repair damaged strands, while kale and carrot proteins help retain the shape of curls and fend off humidity, the primary culprit of frizzy hair.

The foam is simple to use: If you have wavy hair, scrunch, twist, and twirl it around your fingers for a beachy, bedhead look. If you have curly hair, rake it through curls and scrunch hair like you would with any other product. Whether you want to let hair air dry or want to use a diffuser, the foam helps maintain your texture regardless of hairstyle.

It’s also handy when Wednesday hits and your curls are starting to frizz and wrap around each other, creating unmanageable tangles. Like Living Proof’s De-Frizzer, Ouai’s foam can function as a mid-week conditioner that revives curls, saving you from washing your hair all over again. Just take some of the foam in your hands to gently detangle hair and twirl it around your fingers to redefine the curls. And just like that, you bought yourself some extra time before your next wash day.

The Air Dry Foam is available now from Sephora.

Ouai’s New Air Dry Foam Is a Curly Hair Savior