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This Tiny Bottle Is a Skin-Care Shot

Paula’s Choice has become a skin-care hero. Whether it’s the brand’s smoothing lotion that makes skin’s texture look like the surface of a plum, or the exfoliator that clears away all the gunk, the research-backed brand continues to be a favorite of beauty editors everywhere.

The latest release from the so-called Cosmetics Cop is a Peptide Booster, a concentrated serum meant to brighten, as well as firm, smooth, and strengthen skin to help protect from environmental stressors and pollution. Peptides come from amino acids, which make up proteins, but the most important thing they do is address specific skincare concerns by sending messages to the skin to produce more collagen, for example, or to relax wrinkles. The serum also helps reduce melanin overproduction, lessening hyperpigmentation. It could be a savior when you’ve picked at your face too much and are left with a scar that haunts you for the next few months.

It’s also made of soothing plant extracts and amino acids that plump skin full of hydration, especially when followed by moisturizer. Consider the booster to act like a shot for your skin care — it can be used alone or easily mixed into your favorite serums or moisturizers that are already in your daily rotation.

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This Tiny Bottle Is a Skin-Care Shot