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Queen Elizabeth Finally Makes a Trump Joke

Roastee and roaster. Photo: Getty Images

Until recently, British monarch and soon-to-be Meghan Markle in-law Queen Elizabeth II was one of the few world leaders not to have publicly taken a shot at President Trump — Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull mocked his mannerisms at a ball, the First Lady of Japan maybe pretended not to speak English so she wouldn’t have to talk to him, and the Pope body-shamed him. But now, it seems the Queen has finally joined the ranks of prestigious roasters, and cracked her own Trump joke.

According to the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, while filming a segment in the gardens of Buckingham Palace for the upcoming ITV documentary, The Queen’s Green Planet, the Queen became frustrated by the sound of helicopters overhead, and said to host David Attenborough: “Why do they go round and round when you want to talk? Sounds like President Trump.” She then added, in the spirit of bipartisanship, “Or President Obama.”

Sure, maybe it’s not the best line, but you know what, she tried. The Queen and Trump haven’t met in-person yet, but the last time he went “round and round” with her was last spring, when the president asked to ride alongside the Queen in her gold-plated carriage during his scheduled trip to the U.K. The visit was then postponed, which means we all missed out on hearing what the Queen thought of Trump after “several martinis.”

Queen Elizabeth Finally Makes a Trump Joke