What’s Your Ideal Triple-Threat Career?

Leslie Kirchhoff, an ice-cube designer/DJ/street-style photographer. Photo: lesliekirch/Instagram

Back in the day, being a singer/actor/dancer was a sufficiently impressive hyphenated career choice. Then, the world became overrun with model/DJs. Side hustles were taken up en masse, Instagram influencers roam the Earth in droves. Having a triple-threat career requires far more creativity and specificity than it used to. Take Leslie Kirchhoff, a 26-year-old recently featured by the New York Times who manages to be a fancy ice-cube designer, a DJ, and a street-style photographer.

Worried about keeping up? Try our handy triple-threat career generator to figure out what your path should be.

What’s your birth month?

1. January – Professional cuddler
2. February – Bidet innovator
3. March – Ceramicist
4. April – Nut mylk maker
5. May – Succulent whisperer
6. June – Welder
7. July – Dog psychic
8. August – Stick-and-poke tattoo artist
9. September – Merkin designer
10. October – Doomsday prophet
11. November – Beanie weaver
12. December – Artisanal bread baker

Are you a cat person, a dog person, both, or neither?

1. Cat person – Model
2. Dog person – DJ
3. Both – Actress
4. Neither – Hand model

What’s your favorite social network?

1. Instagram – Yoga Instructor
2. Facebook – Sallie Mae Loan Officer
3. Twitter – Doula
4. LinkedIn – Adult skateboarder

I, for one, am looking forward to embarking on my new life as a Welder/DJ/Doula.

What’s Your Ridiculous Triple-Threat Career?