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Samantha Bee, Serious Journalist, Makes Case for Sean Hannity Being a Serial Killer

Is Sean Hannity, who recruited Michael Cohen’s legal skills for “real estate” reasons, actually a serial killer in the grand scheme of this 2018 train wreck? Samantha Bee isn’t saying that exactly, but she’s not not saying that either, especially since Hannity, gasp, exhibits all of the classic traits of a modern day serial killer, average intellect et al. What, you think this segment is “deceitful editing to reach an outrageous conclusion” to prove Bee’s point? “His whole show is just an hour-long list of lies and conspiracy theories,” she muses, “but people think it’s news because he doesn’t sweat as much as Alex Jones and he’s on a channel that calls itself news.” You gave us all the clues, Mr. Potato Neck.

Samantha Bee Makes a Case for Sean Hannity, Serial Killer