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The Most Sensual Janelle Monáe–Tessa Thompson Moments From Dirty Computer

For those of us invested in Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson’s maybe-more-than friendship, Dirty Computer — the 48-minute video album slash “emotion picture” that Monae released today — is an essential addition to the shipper canon. The story stars Monáe as “Jane 57821,” a woman living in some sort of horrible futuristic dystopia where people are referred to as “computers.” Jane is something called a “dirty computer,” which means she has to go through an Eternal Sunshine–esque brain wipe to have her lover Tessa (“Mary Apple 53”) removed from her memories. The twist: Mary Apple 53, whose memories have already been wiped, is the one doing the deprogramming.

In addition the already-seen music videos for “Pynk” and “Make Me Feel,” “Dirty Computer” has a lot of brand new cute #Janessa moments, from the beginnings of a beachside threesome to Tessa giving Janelle a stick and poke.

Here are our favorite moments:

When Tessa doesn’t let her extra-wide hat brim get in the way of some intimate face-to-face contact:

This rendezvous definitely going on our Coachella mood board:

When future-Tessa swivels Janelle around like a Lazy Susan:

When Janelle says “I don’t want to forget you” to future-Tessa. Aw.

This sensual beach smooch:

Throwing caution — and sanitary conditions — to the wind with a beachside stick and poke:

Tessa getting freaky with a trumpet camera:

Lollypop-licking and club canoodling in the perfect bisexual lighting (also seen in the stand-alone video for “The Way You Make Me Feel”):

The ever iconic pussy pants in “Pynk”:

And the end, when Tessa provides a shoulder to lean on:

What a film.

The Most Sensual Janelle-Tessa Moments From Dirty Computer