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You Can Now Wear Headlines Like This One on a Cut T-shirt

At the Cut, we work to serve you headlines you want to dive into — online and in print, and now, on T-shirts.

Today, we launched the Cut Shop, a print-on-demand T-shirt store in partnership with Merch by Amazon, featuring 30-plus shirts with past hits, recent viral headlines, and timely phrases, including “My Other Shirt Is a Turtleneck,” “I Love My Curvy Wife,” “Millennial Pink,” and “I Survived Union Pool.”

A new shirt will be added to the shop each week, allowing the Cut to respond instantly to the latest news and memes. (And your wardrobe to be just as up-to-date.) The lightweight, classic fit shirts are available in women’s, men’s, and youth sizes for $24.99. And here’s the best part: If you’ve got Amazon Prime, your package will arrive before the next news cycle.

In 2018, T-shirts have become walking headlines, and headlines instant T-shirts. In some ways, they serve the same purpose: to repackage big ideas in ways that are eye-catching and easily digestible, and that you’d want to share with others. Wearing a T-shirt with John Mayer’s face on it, for example, isn’t so different from sharing an article about his new song about bath bombs. Which is all to say that like anything on the internet, T-shirts are a way to feel a part of something.

Join us.

To see all the Cut Shop t-shirts, click here.

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You Can Now Wear Headlines Like This One on a Cut T-shirt