Saturday Night Live Imagined the Most Awkward Wedding Toast in the World

Adding “best man reveals that he’s having an affair with the groom’s wife during a toast” to our list of total wedding disasters. In this Saturday Night Live sketch that was rudely cut for time, the groom (John Mulaney) becomes increasingly perplexed as his best man (Luke Null) publicly serenades his wife (Cecily Strong) through song. While Strong at first feigns confusion, it doesn’t take long for her to stand up and join Null in a duet, interrupted only by Mulaney’s interjections (“The lighting guy is in on this?”) and a guitar solo from Jack White, who’s also Strong’s and Null’s threesome’s third person — which, Mulaney has to admit, is pretty cool.

Watch the full sketch below.

SNL Imagined the World’s Most Awkward Wedding Toast