Donald Trump Reportedly Placed the ‘Best Sex I’ve Ever Had’ Story Himself

Donald Trump and Marla Maples.
Donald Trump and Marla Maples. Photo: Time Life Pictures/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

While we’ve now heard many highly personal stories about the current president of the United States (reportedly spanked by a copy of Forbes, hates sharks, loves to stress eat, etc.), one of the original TMI moments came via a New York Post cover from 1990. It features a quote about Donald Trump that supposedly came from paramour and eventual second wife Marla Maples — five simple, yet haunting, words: “Best Sex I’ve Ever Had.”

A New York Post cover from 1990 with a photo of Trump and the quote "Best Sex I've Ever Had."
Photo: NY Post

Maples has personally disputed the quote, telling reporters in February, “I never said that, someone else said that.” And now, a former Post reporter who worked at the paper at the time of the story’s publication has revealed her version of how the cover even came to be in the first place.

In The Hollywood Reporter, Jill Brooke writes that Trump was having a meltdown on the phone to editor Jerry Nachman. He was in the midst of his divorce with first wife Ivana and was reportedly angry that she managed to place a sympathetic story on the front page of the New York Daily News. Brooke says that Trump then demanded a front-page story “tomorrow” and was told it would need to include “murder, money or sex.”

Donald fired back: “Marla says with me it’s the best sex she’s ever had.” Nachman’s face lit up like a firecracker. “That’s great!” he said. “But you know I need corroboration.”

Here’s where Brooke says it gets fishy:

“Marla,” Trump yelled into the background. “Didn’t you say it’s the best sex you ever had with me?” From a distance, we heard a faint voice: “Yes, Donald.” Only years later did we learn that Trump sometimes impersonated voices to reporters. I still can’t be sure whether the voice in the room was really hers.

As she mentioned, Trump has been known to pretend to be a publicist to brag about himself to reporters in full phone conversations. So, in retrospect, a “Yes, Donald” — not to mention some other related things in this scenario — probably wouldn’t be too difficult to fake.

Trump Reportedly Placed the ‘Best Sex I’ve Ever Had’ Story