Taylor Swift Resurfaces to Take a Shot of Whiskey and — Oh My God! She Speaks!

Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift.

Love her or think meh of her, Taylor Swift’s newest album, Reputationwas plagued by the fact she didn’t do any interviews to coincide with its release. For fans, that sadly meant less Swift in their lives. For haters, that happily meant less Swift in their lives. But five months after Reputation fixated on Swift’s big enemies and budding romances, the songstress is finally ready to do something she purposely eschewed for quite some time — talking on the record. As recounted by the Tennessean, Swift made an unscheduled appearance at Nashville’s famed Bluebird Cafe last night, where she joined her old collaborator, the prolific country songwriter Craig Wiseman, for a short set. Swift performed stripped-down versions of Love Story, Shake It Off, and Better Man with her guitar, but not before Wiseman waxed poetic about the time when Swift consumed way too much whiskey at a Country Music Awards after-party.

“I got her a shot of Fireball, and then I got her another one,” Wiseman recalled. “For the rest of the party, I would go get a shot of Fireball … and snake my hand through the people [on this balcony] in her general direction. I don’t even know if she took it, but it disappeared.” It turns out the whiskey encouraged Swift and her pal, Ed Sheeran, to steal Wiseman’s huge inflatable bottle of Fireball from the party, to which we say — don’t steal inflatable objects, folks! Honestly, they become a nuisance after the second day! “I’m literally watching you, and I’m just going to do what you do,” Swift soon retorted, with the duo taking a shot of that cinnamon concoction together. And just like that, Swift climbed back into her Nashville abyss.

Taylor Swift Publicly Resurfaces to Shoot and Talk Whiskey