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The Worst Dating App Has Its Own ‘Vows’ Section

Photo: Kenji Lau/Getty Images

The League, the exclusive dating app where entrepreneurial singles with generational wealth and Hamptons houses look for love, is very excited to launch its brand-new Weddings section, where it can highlight users who have not only found partners in life, but also in business.

“Spring is in the air which means first-comes-love, then-comes-marriage … then comes traveling the world or starting a company together,” reads the press release. While there are only six featured “League Success Stories” at this time, the app plans to promote the stories of “ambitious, career-focused, driven power-couples,” a la New York Times Vows section, four times a year. Did you meet your supportive business partner — oops, sorry, soul mate! — on The League? Enter your #LeagueLove for a chance to be featured.

I, for one, genuinely look forward to bookmarking this website and checking it frequently — my only complaint is that there aren’t more stories. Below, the most The League lines in the Wedding section so far:

1. “While dating I shared with him that I wanted to start my own company & become a successful entrepreneur. Now, not only have we started a life & family, but are also starting a company together.”

2. “In 2016 I made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for finance & subsequently found my future husband who is incredibly kind but just as career-focused as me.”

3. “I thought his smile was TO DIE FOR!”

4. “We are not only starting a life and family together, but we are also starting a company together that will hopefully make a difference in other people’s lives.”

5. “We’re teammates. There are no gender roles.”

6. “Things moved fast when we realized we shared a love for spontaneous travel, a passion for sashimi, and a deep distaste for waiting in line.”

7. “Compassion, Work Ethic, Loyalty.”

8. “I regularly post about pregnancy/parenthood and am thankful everyday that I have a partner to support me in this major project in my life.”

9. “Within a week, we were on the phone for hours each night like a couple of sneaky teenagers!”

10. “If you want a checklist guy — you can find one on your first swipe. But if you want someone you’d fall in love with even if they didn’t have the resume, be open.”

The Worst Dating App Has Its Own ‘Vows’ Section