The New Royal Baby Is Already Such a Taurus

Photo: Malte Mueller/Getty Images/fStop

Late last Thursday, the sun entered Taurus, and on Monday morning, Kate Middleton had a baby boy. Welcome, to this brand-new human who doesn’t yet know he’s a Taurus, a tiny royal who doesn’t yet know he’s a prince. This baby knows nothing of the complicated movements of the planets, and nothing about the heavy machinery of empire, but he’s already being shaped by both.

Baby Louis’s sun is in Taurus — same as his sister Charlotte, and same as Queen Elizabeth. Taurus is the sign of stubbornness, stability, and an earthy physicality. It’s best known, perhaps, for its down-to-earth dependability. But Taurus is also a springtime sign, made as much of lush, blooming growth as it is of practicality.

Louis’s moon is in Leo — same, again, as Queen Elizabeth. The moon sign is the strongest indicator of our inner emotional lives, and a moon in Leo can indicate a deep need to be generous, or to attract the attention of the room, or to hold tight to the loyalty and admiration of the people in their lives. This can be the moon sign of a charmer, or of someone who simply wants to be loved right.

His rising sign — the one that represents the public face we show to the world — is Cancer. Cancer carries a nurturing energy, a sensitive emotional core, and sometimes an avoidance of change. Sometimes Cancer can indicate conservatism, and sometimes a surprising inner depth. His sister Charlotte has Cancer rising, too. His father’s sun and moon, his brother’s sun, and his mother’s moon are all in Cancer. It’s a shared family language.

Overall, Louis’s chart is heavily dominated by earth signs — in addition to his Taurus sun, he was born with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn. Traditionally, Capricorn is thought to be the sign of structure, dominance, and authority. Maybe this royal baby will grow up to love the system as it exists now, or maybe this Capricorn inner strength will turn into something brighter and stranger. The sweetly defiant Dolly Parton, for example, has a chart dominated by Capricorn.

For all the conservatism in this tiny baby’s chart, there’s the potential for wildness and change. Mercury, planet of communication and curiosity, and Uranus, planet of progress, innovation, and the future, are both in courageous Aries. With this bright-hot Aries power, maybe this baby won’t be afraid of change. Maybe this baby won’t be afraid of anything.

Astrology can point toward ways of being human, even as we’re bound up in systems of money and power. A prince can reinforce the limits in the world, and he can resist them, too. Maybe this baby will grow up to love his family, and maybe this baby will grow up to charm the world. Maybe this is a baby who will surprise us with his boldness, but maybe this is a baby who will carry his surprises privately, in places we can’t and don’t need to see. The best thing about astrology is that for all its complexity, all its systems and symbols and codes, nothing is certain, and nothing is set in stone. Good luck, baby Taurus.

The New Royal Baby Is Already Such a Taurus