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Interior Lives: This One-Bedroom Chelsea Apartment Is a Portal to Deep Space

“I decided on the design scheme over months and months of craziness going on in my head,” says artist Doug Meyer. “When I design, I have to be able to envision it, draw it, and build it.”

What Meyer has created in his 1-bedroom apartment in Chelsea can best be described as a fantastical mini-kingdom, part science-fiction and part Jetsons, filled with his own handmade fixtures, furniture, and rugs — each inspired by Meyer’s love for geometry, botany, and microoorganisms.

In this episode of Interior Lives, our design editor Wendy Goodman takes us inside Meyer’s apartment, a post-war co-op in the Chelsea Mutual Redevelopment Houses, where Meyer’s interstellar imagination is on full-display, showing us just how important it is to never let your space, no matter where or what the size, limit possibility.

This One-Bedroom Apartment Is a Portal to Deep Space