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36 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day, don’t fall for the trap of “You don’t have to get me anything!” And definitely don’t fall into the trap of just getting a card and calling it a day. No matter what she says, your mom deserves a thoughtful present. If you’re at a loss for what to get, we’ve rounded up 36 unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that she’ll love. Whether she’s into yoga, gardening, or cooking, we have you covered below.

For the Mom Curious About Matcha

Matcha Tea Gift Set

Get her a starter kit with everything she needs to brew a frothy cup of tea. This one has a whisk, a holder to preserve its shape, and a spoon for measuring out the right quantity of powder.

For the Mom Who Gardens Outdoors

This fun metallic visor will keep the sun out of her face, while the open top will help keep her cool.

For the Mom Who Loves Good Seasoning

These elegant bottles are a nice way to stash spices and herbs. If you want to go the extra mile, consider ordering a fancy salt as well.

For the Mom Who Loves HGTV

If she’s already decorated her home in the style of Chip and Joanna, why not extend that to the food she makes?

For the Mom Who Loves a Trendy (But Not Too Young) Shoe

Dad sneakers might be the shoe of the moment, but these loafers are some of our favorite flats.

For the Mom Who Deserves a Relaxing Day in Bed

The dark navy color coupled with the white piping make these look extra expensive.

For the Mom Who Loves to Show Off Her Cooking

Good for baking or serving one of her many delicious side dishes.

For the Mom Who Loves Makeup

One for her big tote, one for her desk, and one for her micro-bag.

For the Mom Who Wants Soft Skin

These super moisturizing sheet masks are the perfect complement to a lazy Sunday afternoon.

For the Yoga Mom

A muted mat plus carrier will make her the most stylish person in her vinyasa class.

For the Mom Who Loves Her Slow Cooker

Has This is Us scared your mom off of using her slow cooker? Consider getting her the Wonderbag — a specially-insulated bag that acts as an eco-friendly alternative to the appliance. All you have to do is bring whatever you’re making to a boil and place in the bag, and it’ll keep cooking until you’re ready to eat.

For the Mom Who Gardens Indoors

A fast-growing, indoor tree is a fool-proof gift for the mom experimenting with a green thumb.

For the Arty Mom

Fun fact: these patterns are inspired by the marbled end papers found in old books.

For the Fancy Makeup Mom

Photo: Jason Jamal Nakleh/© 2017 Jason Jamal Nakleh

Available in ten shades, this densely pigmented lipstick has a luxurious cream finish and won’t settle into fine lines.

For the Mom Who’s Hard to Please

Because you can never go wrong with cashmere in a lovely shade of pale pink.

For the Mom Who’s All About Robe Life

In soft shades of blue, she’ll love lounging in it while catching up on her favorite tv shows.

For the DIY Mom

She can create a bespoke scent by mixing any combination of the four fragrances together.

For the Mom Who Always Gets Flowers

Mix it up with this wreath that combines both blooms and herbs — her home will smell extra nice all week.

For the Mom Who Loves Beyoncé

Just explain that Olivier Rousteing, the designer behind Balmain, also designed Beyoncé’s Coachella outfits.

For the Coffee Lover

An elegant, Gwyneth Paltrow–approved French press is sure to make her morning cup more enjoyable.

For the Mom Who Travels a Ton

This vest won’t just keep her warm, it also folds into a pouch and becomes a travel pillow.

For the Mom Who Wears All Black

Your mom will love explaining that her pullover is from the über cool, French-girl-approved label The Kooples.

For the Mom Who Follows Trends

Every trendsetter worth their salt has a pair of sculptural, oversize earrings.

For the Bath Aficionado Mom

Think of them as tea bags for the tub. Each pouch is filled with dried flower petals and oil extracts.

For the Mom Who Wants a Nice Bag

The red-and-pink color blocking makes this a cheery, elegant update to her everyday work tote.

For the Mom Who Loves to Decorate

These vases will look stunning in any room — plus you can introduce her to the art of freakebana!

For the Mom Who Loves to Dress Up

Colorful ribbon slides feel appropriately festive for any occasion.

For the Mom Who’s Getting Into Wellness

A sleek, porcelain diffuser is an elegant addition to her home — especially if she’s just discovering Goop.

For the Beauty-Obsessed Mom

For the Mom Who Loves a Crisp Blouse

This is a cool spin on her favorite white button-up.

For the Mom Who Walks Everywhere

These suede slip-on mules will match almost every outfit.

For the Audiophile Mom

Photo: Brown, Indya

Whether she’s listening to podcasts, Pulitzer Prize–winning albums, or streaming The Crown, these lightweight headphones will make the experience more stylish.

For the Mom Who’s Always Cold

What mom doesn’t need an extra cashmere throw lying around?

For the Serious Skin Care Mom

Not only will it clean her face better than a washcloth, it massages as well.

For the Mom Who’s Into Fashion

A silky blouse in a vibrant green leaf print will please her finicky tastes. Plus, you can “borrow” it.

For the Eileen Fisher Lover

A cheery red shirt dress is exactly what she’ll want to wear all summer long.

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36 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas