It Seems Like TomTom Is Actually Going to Open — and Soon!

Tom Sandoval, looking great.

Tom Sandoval appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night and shed some light on one of this season’s biggest unsolved Vanderpump Rules mysteries, right after “why did Brittany get back together with Jax” and right before “how does the cast remain alive.” (“How long was the cast in Playa del Carmen,” another big mystery, was recently solved, as was “what is the deal with Lala’s baby bottle.”)

The mystery is, of course: Is TomTom, the Vanderpump bar that Tom Sandoval is allegedly opening with some sort of help from Tom Schwartz, ever going to actually open? Apparently, the answer is yes! And apparently, the answer is soon!

“TomTom is opening at the end of May, or early June,” he said. “We don’t have a date set yet, but it’s coming along, it’s looking great. It’s been a lot of work. A month ago, we found out we had to put in a sink in this other sidebar that we’re gonna have.” Mmmhm, mmhm, mmhm. “[Ken] had to like dig up the concrete and everything. Ken’s been working really hard.” Amazing.

Lisa Vanderpump echoed this sentiment earlier in the season in an interview with Bravo, saying, “It’s a lot of work, and Ken’s been there every day. It’s a lot of work. I just wait now. I have it in my mind, but we’ll see.”

And now it’s actually, allegedly, happening. Incredible. I plan to believe it when I see it, in person, at some point before I die.

TomTom Is Actually (Allegedly) Going to Open — and Soon!