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The Prettiest Blush Perfume

Photo: Courtesy of the Retailer

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If millennial pink is ubiquitous and melodramatic purple is emotional, then what is blush nude? It’s an Instagram palette, a lipstick shade, and a new perfume from totally important designer Alaïa.
The brand’s newest perfume, Nude, is a more sensual iteration of the brand’s original, Alaïa Paris, which was designed to smell like “Perrier water” and “cold water falling on hot chalk.”

Nude seems like a less effervescent, more intimate scent interpretation, without reference to stones or fizzy water. Instead, there’s orange blossom, a perfume ingredient that’s a little green and orangey without being sweet. There’s also spiciness and warmth at the base, with tonka bean, cardamom, suede, cedar, and sandalwood. Admittedly, I haven’t smelled it yet, but the warm, silky-sounding notes and the pretty blush-meets-gold bottle are enough to make me want to display it as a fancy object on my vanity.

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The Prettiest Blush Perfume