Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Confirm Relationship With Harry Potter Robes

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson.
Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson. Photo: Getty Images

When I look back at this time period in history, I’ll remember … not much, because my brain is profoundly fried from all the time I spend on the internet. But assuming that I can recall May of 2018 one day, it will be defined, in part, by the momentous rise of celebrity couples that make you go “Oh, huh”: Elon Musk and Grimes. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.

Speaking of that last pairing — otherwise known as an adorable singing ponytail and Saturday Night Live’s wunderkind — they confirmed their relationship via an Instagram post on Wednesday. In a photo posted by Davidson and captioned “the chamber of secrets has been opened …” they’re both pictured wearing Harry Potter robes. (Would it kill anyone to be a Lord of the Rings fan these days?) Davidson went with a Gryffindor-themed one, while Grande opted for Slytherin, probably on account of that whole “donut-licking-I-hate-America” thing.

Your move, Grusk.

Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson Wear Harry Potter Robes