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Charlie Rose and CBS Reportedly Hit With Sexual-Harassment Lawsuit

Charlie Rose. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

On Thursday, the Washington Post published its long-awaited follow-up report about the sexual harassment allegations against veteran TV journalist Charlie Rose. The exposé included allegations of abuse from 27 additional women. Now, on Friday, TMZ reports Rose and CBS have been hit with a lawsuit by three women alleging the anchor subjected them to abuse while they worked with him at the network.

The Post first reported on Rose’s alleged sexual misconduct last fall, with eight women coming forward to discuss the harassment they allegedly experienced from Rose. The Thursday report included even more accusations against Rose, including claims that he forcibly kissed staffers, exposed his penis, and groped women’s breasts. The report also noted that a lawsuit would soon be filed against Rose.

The day after the report came out, TMZ revealed that such a lawsuit had been filed by three women he worked with at CBS: Katherine Brooks Harris (who worked with him as a broadcast associate), Yuqing “Chelsea” Wei (who worked as a news associate), and his former executive assistant Sydney McNeal. Brooks Harris and McNeal allege Rose told them that they were hired because he likes tall women, while Wei claims Rose would call her “China Doll.”

The lawsuit also alleges Rose would caress or touch the women’s bodies — including their arms, shoulders, waists, and backs — and that he’d pull the women close and kiss them on the cheek. Harris and McNeal also allege they were fired shortly before the November Post article in which he was first accused of harassment, according to TMZ.

Charlie Rose Reportedly Hit With Sexual-Harassment Lawsuit