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People From Ireland Are Traveling Home Just to Vote in the Abortion Referendum

Photo: @HAWKofficial/Twitter

Ireland’s current abortion laws are so restrictive that the United Nations has called them “cruel and inhumane.” But on Friday, the country will hold a historic referendum that will determine the future of reproductive rights for their citizens. Voters will have the option of voting “yes” to repeal the Eighth Amendment of their constitution — paving the way for a new law with increased freedoms — or “no” to keep it as is.

It’s considered such a crucial referendum that Irish people from all over the world are flying home just to cast their ballots. And as the day nears, they’re sharing their moving stories on social media with the hashtag #HometoVote. From Buenos Aires and Bangkok to Los Angeles and Hanoi, here are some of their journeys:

Irish People Travel Home Just to Vote in Abortion Referendum