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This Hair Conditioner Helps Save Water

In an ideal world, every day would be Earth Day. No one would litter, we would all drink out of BPA-free water bottles, and our sunscreen would bolster (rather than kill) coral reefs. But here’s one conditioner that can make every shower a little more earth-friendly by saving water while still giving you smooth hair. New eco-friendly beauty brand Love Beauty Planet developed a special fast-rinse conditioner that is highly efficient, shaving seconds off your shower.

Typical conditioners coat the hair in a slick layer or sheet to be washed out in one go. Love Beauty and Planet’s conditioner goes on the hair like safety glass — when water hits it, it “shatters” into dozens of tiny pieces, enabling it to be washed out easily and speedily. “The technology allows it to be ready to fracture when water hits it,” explains the research and development partner Matthew Seal. Not only does one wash shave off ten seconds of conditioning time, but the “fracture” form of conditioner also facilitates better conditioning because the tiny molecules better coat and penetrate the hair cuticle.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are completely serviceable — it de-tangles and smooths, and after using it, my hair fell into soft, pretty, fluffy layers. In essence, it worked just as well as any other conditioner, but in less time. Love Beauty Planet has several hair lines including one for smoothing (lavender-scented), repair (using coconut oil and ylang ylang), and volume (coconut water). Some might find the scents a bit strong, but I thought they were pretty and pleasant.

In a nice touch, the bottles are even labeled with a special type of adhesive that makes them easily peelable and recyclable. You don’t have to be Fu Yuanhui or compete in a 100-meter Olympic race to appreciate the nuance of a ten-seconds faster rinse for the planet, your hair, and your time management.

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This Hair Conditioner Helps Save Water