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Martha Stewart Can’t Believe That Oprah Smokes Weed

Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart. Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Oprah likes to blaze it — have you heard? Well, maybe she has yet to confirm the rumor started by her BFF Gayle King, but if one thing is indisputable, it’s that Oprah does love to relax, hard.

There is, however, one celebrity tax evader and Louboutin defacer who simply cannot believe the scandalous gossip: Martha Stewart. Outside ABC studios in New York City, TMZ cameramen stopped Stewart as she was exiting the building and yelled out, “Oprah’s smoking now, what do you recommend?” Totally perplexed, Stewart mistakenly assumed that TMZ referring to cigarettes, until they corrected her, to which she responded, “Weeeeeeed????”

“End of Oprah,” she rudely proclaimed, as if she has never, say, okayed someone to shotgun marijuana smoke “directly into her mouth.”

Martha Stewart Simply Cannot Believe That Oprah Smokes Weed