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Morgan Freeman Will No Longer Be the Voice of Vancouver Public Transit

Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty Images

It’s me, your friendly Cut Canada correspondent, and unfortunately I have bad news pertaining to Vancouver’s public transit system.

This morning, CNN published eight allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against actor Morgan Freeman, leading Metro Vancouver’s transit authority to axe a planned promotional campaign which would have had Freeman deliver various transit system announcements as part of a Visa ad campaign. Everyone in “the Couv,” as it is commonly referred to, was very excited about it. Now, though, commuters taking the B line from South Granville to Wreck Beach will no longer get to hear Freeman inform them that they are riding on a “smoke free bus.”

Thankfully there are plenty of other homegrown Vancouver celebrities who can step in in this public transit voice-over crisis. Anyone know what Grimes is up to, or how she feels about transit unions?

Morgan Freeman’s Voice Pulled From Vancouver Public Transit