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Nike Is Making Fanny Pack Slides

The sandal.

“Fanny pack sandals” are confusingly appealing in the same way that “flask bracelets” are. It’s a hybrid that really doesn’t need to exist, but since it does, you still kind of want it. Nike just announced that they’re rolling out editions of their beloved (by dads and hypebeasts) Benassi JDI slides with zippered pouches on the top. They’re named the Fanny Pack collection and they seem … kind of great?

Sure, they’re the unholy successor to those sandals that have a bottle opener in the sole. And sure, two years ago we would have scoffed at the idea that either fanny packs or JDI slides would be fashionable. But, think of all the tiny things you could cart around on your feet — a MetroCard, a lone stick of gum, and a year’s supply of clout.

If you’re interested they come in lime green/blue, pink/black, and black. Their release date is currently unknown, but the confusing trend chroniclers over at Hypebeast say it will be “soon.”

Nike Is Making ‘Fanny Pack’ Slides