met gala 2018

The Official Met Gala 2018 Drinking Game

Pope Francis drinking out of a chalice.
Chug, chug, chug. Photo: Getty Images

What with the nunnassiance, The Young Pope, and Lady Bird, Catholicism hasn’t been this hot since the early days of the Holy Roman Empire. So it feels only fitting that this year’s Met Gala theme is “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” We’ve already spent months speculating what ungodly things we might be blessed with on the red carpet — from Rihanna in the Popemobile to Alexander Skarsgård with a tonsure — and now, it’s finally here.

To help you fully observe this holy day, here’s the Cut’s official 2018 Met Gala drinking game. Have fun, peace be with you, and, as always, memento mori.

Take a drink every time…

• You see an actual rosary

• You see a rosary foot tattoo

• A model comes dressed in a take on either sexy nun or Catholic schoolgirl

• Someone gets a rap across the knuckles for smoking in the Met bathroom

• There’s headgear based on the Virgin Mary’s halo

Finish your drink if…

Jennifer Lawrence falls trying to genuflect

• Lady Gaga comes dressed as a giant, unwieldy communion wafer

• Michèle Lamy turns the black line on her forehead into a full Ash Wednesday cross

• Bella Hadid steals archbishop “Gorgeous” Georg Gänswein’s tiny sunglasses-and-cassock look

House Chaplain Patrick Conroy shows up and talks shit about Paul Ryan

• Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara repurpose their Jesus and Mary Magdalene costumes for the night

• Justin Bieber goes full altar boy

Finish the bottle and ascend to heaven if…

• Pope Francis rolls up in the Popemobile, takes one look at Rihanna’s outfit, and tells her “you’re the real Pope now”

The Official Met Gala 2018 Drinking Game