Excuse Me, We’re Putting MDMA in Brie Now?

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

Humanity is nothing if not innovative when it comes to the ways we consume intoxicants: Apple bongs. Butt chugging. And now, “brieing.”

Yes, according to Metro, bougie middle-aged women are consuming MDMA by first wrapping it in Brie cheese. One 50-year-old businesswoman told the outlet that she and her friends first tried the method after they weren’t quite sure how to ingest the drug, but now she’s being invited to “brieing parties.” Another called it “E’s n Cheese,” but said the come down was “absolutely terrible.”

It’s still unclear if “brieing” is actually a hot new trend or a hoax à la “Grunge Speak.” Either way, I give it six months before it appears in the next Nancy Meyers movie.

Excuse Me, We’re Putting MDMA in Brie Now?