The Stories Behind Audrey Hepburn’s Most Treasured Possessions

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

Tomorrow is the last day of the third and final auction of items from Audrey Hepburn’s personal estate at Christie’s online. Up for sale are 212 belongings, including a Christian Dior pen that Hepburn is said to have always had on hand and a pair of pink ballet flats she wore at home. Ahead of the auction’s final day, the Cut spoke with Christie’s private collections director Adrian Hume Sayer about the significance of five pieces in Hepburn’s life. Scroll through for a look.

Ballpoint pen signed by Christian Dior, 1970s–1993

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

“This was the pen that she carried around all the time. It’s in such immaculate condition, indicative of how she kept everything. She probably used it for all sorts of things. [Still], it’s such a nice thing because it was something close to her, something so personal — even more so than other things because it sort of witnessed so much of her life.”

Mini Papillion Makeup Bag by Louis Vuitton, 1970s

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

“There were a few pieces of Louis Vuitton [from her estate] — she had the lovely luggage and makeup cases. But what’s so sweet about this particularly is that it’s pretty well used, so it was obviously something that she treasured and used quite a lot.”

Ivory wool gabardine coat by Rose Bertin, 1968

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

“This coat [has a] wonderful sharp line to it — such an elegant thing. It was one of four coats that she owned of this model. But this was the only one in her wardrobe at the end of her life. She was not a hoarder — she really chose certain things to keep that were particularly special to her.”

Cultured pearl earrings, 1960s

Photo: Triggs/Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

“Audrey really didn’t have very much real jewelry. She didn’t particularly care for it. Pearls were an exception, because she thought that they were light and soft. They’re the only earrings in this model, and this type of fastening that remained in her jewelry box at the end of her life.”

A pair of pale pink leather ballet flats, 1960–1970

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd 2018

“[Audrey Hepburn’s] training as a ballerina probably contributed to the elegance and poise that we associate with her. She had quite a number of these flats in her possession [because] they were her slippers when she was casual at home, [but] these were the only pink ones. She liked to be casual; she was very much a human being.”

Stories Behind Audrey Hepburn’s Most Treasured Possessions