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15 Pairs of Bold Pants That Make Getting Dressed So Easy

The hardest part about warm-weather styling (at least for the maximalist) is packing personality into an outfit that’s just one or two layers. We’ve rounded up 15 pairs of pants that do all the work for you, but are still breezy enough to wear when it starts getting hot.

If You’re Comfy and Trendy

Sky blue is a quintessential “it’s warm now” color. Bonus points if you get Birkenstocks to bring out the red.

If You Want to Look Like an Influencer

Pair these stripes with a colorful wall mural and an artisanal ice-cream cone.

If You’re Super Artsy

Don’t be daunted by the fancy print — these black-and-white flared pants can be dressed up or down, and go great with a simple top or tunic.

If You’ve Been Wearing Black All Winter

All-white is a classic summer look that’s practical in the light-reflecting sense, if not in the stain-repelling one.

If You’re Going on Vacation

A light, floral pant seamlessly transitions from the airplane to the beach to a casual dinner.

If You Have a Job

Pinstripe pants can be fun too! The relaxed shape is breezy, but still crisp. Pair with mules and plans after work.

If You Think Leopard Is a Neutral

Jenna Lyons, patron saint of fun pants, declared that leopard is a neutral. And so it is.

If You’re Loyal to Princess Di


The OG People’s Princess (sorry Megs) loved a dot. Pay homage to her enviable style in these pants.

If You Love Picnics

These pants are park- (and wicker-basket-) ready.

If You Don’t Mind The Spotlight

All eyes will be on you in these wide-legged, magenta pants. Take it to the next level and wear all pink, or tone it down with a white tee and sneaks. Either way, they’re a scene-stealer.

If You Have Royal-Wedding Fever

Nobody knows how to wear plaid like the royals. Show off your Anglophilia in a chic way.

If You’re a Summer Goth

Can’t go wrong with a dark floral. It’s still festive!

If You Don’t Want to Leave Your Bed

That’s chic now! Try it out with a pair of tropical PJ pants. Snuggly.

If You Appreciate Ladylike Tailoring

Photo: DIANO

This is what Grace Kelly would wear on her yacht in 2018. Do her a favor and wear them too.

If You’re Just a Ray of Sunshine

These Tory Burch pants just make you wanna smile. Who doesn’t want to wear a rainbow?

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15 Pairs of Bold Pants That Make Getting Dressed So Easy