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Interior Lives: How Artist Leonardo Drew Lives and Works Beautifully in his Brooklyn Home

It would be easy to pass by the sculptor Leonardo Drew’s home without suspecting what’s inside. The artist’s imaginative studio is hidden behind a plain garage door in Brooklyn. If you’re lucky enough to be invited inside, you’ll be rewarded with a glimpse at a custom-designed space like no other.

The downstairs space is dedicated to Drew’s work. His current projects are laid out on tables, and past pieces are hung all over the walls, some as high as 30 feet in the air. Drew keeps a TV running in the background to remind him of the constant commotion of growing up with five siblings.

Upstairs is all about relaxation. Drew employs little tricks to keep his work and home life separate, like always taking off his shoes before entering his living room. The star of the apartment is a custom-designed bed that’s not only a space to sleep, but also a source of “spiritual comfort,” according to Drew. Watch the video above to see what host Wendy Goodman loves so much about this unique home.

Dive Into Artist Leonardo Drew’s Custom Designed Studio Home