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Is Ariana Grande’s New Perfume Inspired by Her Love for Pete Davidson?

Ariana Grande. Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is on a mission to make June her month. She’s already announced a new album called Sweeter, dropped some songs with Nicki Minaj and Troye Sivan, appeared on the cover of British Vogue, and gotten engaged to Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson — and now she’s releasing a new fragrance.

Last week, Grande put up teaser posts on Twitter and Instagram showing off a new perfume with a pale-blue bottle that’s shaped like a cloud. Along with the photo, Grande wrote, “New perfume coming soon” with a cloud emoji.

What’s with all the clouds? Well, it’s a symbol connected to her relationship with Davidson. Basically, Grande and Davidson are on cloud nine about each other. Arianators — Grande fans — noticed that she once left dozens of the cloud emoji on an Instagram comment in which he talked about how happy she made him. Davidson also has a cloud iPhone case, and Grande has been photographed with a cloud case as well.

This isn’t Grande’s first perfume. In fact, she’s already released four: a unisex one named after her brother, Frankie Grande; a floral and marshmallow scent called Moonlight; a citrusy one called Sweet Like Candy; and a floral one called Ari by Ariana Grande. Grande didn’t share what her mysterious cloud perfume will smell like or be called. But if you were a betting person, you could guess that it will smell like fresh rain and be inspired by the couple people are calling either Grandson or Pariana.

Is Ariana Grande’s New Perfume Inspired by Pete Davidson?